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Stunning and sturdy custom wooden doors in Vancouver that add warmth and dimension to your entryway! We aim to give you the best, personalized experience while delivering a door that compliments your home and style. Our custom doors are built to last and fitted to stay.

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Selecting the right door for your home may get overwhelming. And we completely understand this, so we have made the selection process easier for you by offering a range of designs and ideas. You can discuss your requirements with an experienced consultant at Oakridge Windows and Doors who will help you make the right choices.  This Selection Process is a simple guide to help you through the journey of creating your perfect new custom wooden door in Vancouver.

Custom Doors Built to Last

We understand the value your home has in your heart. To save you the time and money, we highly emphasize not only on elegant door design, but also a wooden door that lasts longer. To ensure quality, you get benefits from our 5-year warranty on its timber & construction, 2-year warranty on installations and more! The Canadian wood used is also resistance tested and compared against the highest of standards before they reach your home.

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