Single Hung Windows

Classic Style. Modern Functionality

The Oakridge Single Hung Window

Single Hung Windows

The Oakridge single hung window combines modern technology with a classic look and feel. Our wooden single hung window features a fixed top sash, with an upward sliding bottom sash that mimics the old double hung window style. At Oakridge, we use a hidden spring coil system, making the sturdy wood construction easy to operate. Our external screens are easy to remove and clean, helping you keep the pests out, and let the fresh air in.


Single hung windows can be produced to suit a variety of sizes. These windows can be made to span very tall openings. The overall height and width of a single hung window is generally only limited by the weight of the sashes. Our largest single hung windows to date can be seen in downtown Victoria B.C. in The Janion building, at the corner of Store st. and Pandora ave.


Our single hung windows are typically screened with an aluminum, lightweight, removable screen. Our team is also skilled in making custom wooden screens, which can be permanently fixed, or installed on removable pivot hinges.

Contact us and talk with our experienced team on the extensive custom made screen options for your single hung windows.