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Pivot doors are a popular modern alternative to a hinged door.  Pivot bearings replace conventional hinges to open up new and exciting design possibilities.

With self-closing and hold open functions these top quality pivots can handle the weight of an impressive over-sized door with ease and safety.


Pivot doors can be custom made to suit a wide range of openings. The maximum door sizes are as follows:

Maximum size with self-closer
Maximum size without self-closer
 2400mm x 1800mm  2400mm x 1200mm
 2700mm x 1500mm
 3000mm x 1200mm


Unlike hinged doors, the design and operation of a pivot door does not allow for it to be fitted with a screen door or retractable screen option. However, if screening of a pivot door is required consider a screened entrance area. Talk to us to find out more on this option.


The design of the frame surrounding a pivot door is potentially endless. Doors can be framed with no side lights, or can feature a single side light all the way through to a full arched entrance. The below illustrates just some of the options available, or why not design your own.

Pivot Door Designs

Choose from our range of architecturally inspired pivot door designs, or if you are dreaming of a particular door to suit your unique style and imagination, why not create your own design.