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Solid Timber Hinged Doors

Timber Hinged & French Doors

Hinged & French Doors

Hinged doors are a versatile and practical choice for entry and internal openings. Solid timber constructed hinged doors are a great choice on their own and they can be further enhanced with the latest designs and production techniques.

French doors have been a part of Australia’s history for more than 200 years. They are a traditional way to open up areas of your home and their beauty is undeniable. With an infinite range of design options available, these doors can be used to add elegance to any home. As a pair of opening doors they are ideal for a patio area or any opening where sliding or bi-fold doors are not practical.

Our custom made approach ensures our hinged doors are designed to suit any building from the oldest heritage treasures, to the latest in ultra modern style.


Hinged and French doors can be custom made to suit a wide range of openings. The maximum door sizes are as follows:

Common hinged door sizing (single door panel):
Common French door sizing (double door panels):
 Maximum door panel size: 1050mm  Maximum door size: 2100mm



Hinged and French doors are easily screened. Door panels fitted with fly wire mesh or SupaScreen mesh are installed in-front of the original panels, opening in the opposite direction (or visa versa).


The design of the frame surrounding a hinged door is potentially endless. Doors can be framed with no side lights, or can feature a single side light all the way through to a full arched entrance. The below illustrates just some of the options available, or why not design your own.

Hinged Door Designs

Choose from our range of architecturally inspired pivot door designs, or if you are dreaming of a particular door to suit your unique style and imagination, why not create your own design.