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A casement window offers ample ventilation regardless of wind direction. Windows can be opened to 105 degrees and the angle of the sashes can be adjusted to create a generous opening.

Windows are hinged along either vertical edge, opening out from the side opposite to the side that is hinged, catching even the softest summer breeze. Colonial and Federation bars can be added if desired.


Casement windows can be prooakridged to suit a variety of sizes. They are often configured in sets, making them suitable to very wide openings. Our custom designed and made approach ensures that the size of the window sashes and the number of sashes in the casement window is potentially endless. A casement window can be made to suit a small powder room or large enough to span the entire length of a building.


Casement windows can be effectively screened with either an inwards opening hinged screen, a retractable screen or a combination of a fixed screen and internal winder to operate the window’s sashes.

Contact us and talk with our experienced team on the extensive custom made screen options for your casement windows.