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Oakridge Windows & Doors

Oakridge Windows & Doors Profile

Since 1981, the owner and employees have shared a vision for producing the finest quality premium wood windows and doors. As a local business of over 30 years, Oakridge Windows & Doors (Oakridge) is the leading force in the detailed window and door industry, and a trusted brand.

As the market leader in detailed joinery, design and engineering, Oakridge is the first choice of leading architects, builders and homeowners in Victoria.

The award-winning skilled craftsmen within the Oakridge team use state-of-the-art machinery to produce the most stunning wood windows and doors, and the experienced in-house engineers can design just about anything. Oakridge custom makes every order, creating a completely unique product every time.

Catering for many of the premier buildings and residences, Oakridge shares your vision for unique, innovative, contemporary or traditional designs of the finest quality. All Oakridge products are British Columbia made, using a variety of hand-selected woods, manufactured to last a lifetime.

From Humble Beginnings to Market Leader

In the early 1980’s it was evident that there was a need in the community for household items such as windows, furniture and kitchens. In 1981 Oakridge Windows & Doors opened its doors, began making items that were needed in the community from a small Victoria workshop. This same workshop remains part of the Oakridge Windows & Doors factory today.

To this day, Oakridge products are custom made in Victoria. If customers can’t see what they want then they can ‘just ask’. Many clients send in their drawings and Oakridge provides solutions – it’s a pretty unique service at Oakridge.

Oakridge customers are made to feel welcome at the shop where it all began. Oakridge prides itself on providing a service and product like no other. As a business Oakridge is always growing, learning and moving forward. With the experience, know-how and ability to think outside of the square Oakridge can fully support and accommodate every customer.

The culture within the Oakridge family business is team orientated. Oakridge team members enjoy working within a highly productive team and are made to feel part of the Oakridge family. Many staff members have been with the company for over 5 years and some up to 15 years.

Our Company Values

The Oakridge Windows & Doors (Oakridge) company culture is to provide the finest quality of wood joinery, built to the highest standard and rated to NAFS (note: this is not always possible with unique architectural designs).

Oakridge is committed to providing customized services and solutions that meet client’s needs and exceed their expectations. Oakridge is willing to go the extra mile to achieve results.

Oakridge continues to build on the reputation as the supplier of choice, setting the benchmark in the industry.

Oakridge is committed to encouraging energy efficient designs and solutions that save energy, improve insulating performance and increase the overall energy rating of a home. By doing this Oakridge are helping to tackle climate change and contribute towards reducing British Columbia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Oakridge is committed to an ongoing investment in production processes along with new research, development into innovative designs.

Oakridge is committed to recruiting and training staff with a ‘can do’ attitude. These Individuals are willing to go the extra mile and have a high work ethic. They also display a high level of dedication to their personal and professional growth, ensuring our company’s continued success and prosperity.